Consumer-Driven Marketing


Strategically utilizing the marketing concept, Equ@tions LTD. provides entities with strategic planning and marketing techniques, aimed at creating absolute ROI's, regardless of the volatile nature of their market segment(s).

We achieve this objective for our clients, by assisting them in creating superior value for their customers, and facilitating the building of very strong profitable customer relationships also, where advanced Technology and Finance (risk and profitability analysis), are also heavily incorporated in provided marketing services.

Consumer-Driven Values & Benefits


We also strategically and intelligently assist companies in creating customer driven value propositions for their different products, product lines, and product categories, all solely aimed at increasing their market share and customer equity.

Finally, we also assist our clients in increasing their rate of capturing customer lifetime value, by creating very satisfied loyal customers from our marketing services, which increases their share of customer and market.



Customer/Market Place Research & Management of data | Segmentation & Targeting | Product/Brand/Service Differentiation, Positioning/Re-positioning | Integrated Marketing Programs that delivers superior consumer value | Customer Relationship Management | Data based Marketing Plans | Marketing Research | Advertisement | PR Copywriting | Efficient Value Delivery Networks | Branding | Packaging | Brand Equity | Technology | Competitive Marketing Intelligence | Customer Acquisition/Retention/Lifetime value/Equity strategies | SocialNomics (Social Network Integration) | Globalization
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For all marketing activities completed by Equ@tions LTD. on behalf of our clients, once a new marketing project has been received from a client, our implemented strategy utilized in creating an absolute positive ROI are based on the procedures;

† The creation of a consumer-driven Marketing Process.
† Integration of Value Investing principles into the Process.
† Implementation & Execution of the Marketing Process.
† Evaluation & Control of the Marketing Process.

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• Grow market share and share of customer of your business, & the different products/services in your product lines & categories.
• Increase the customer lifetime value of your products/services.
• Capture customer lifetime value for new products.
• Create absolute positive ROI, regardless of market volatility.
• Create profitable segmentation of market, with statistical data.
• Intelligently utilize the 4p's for integrated marketing programs.
• Create superior customer delight for all your customers.
• Utilize Marketing, Finance and Economics to set product prices.
• Create intelligent & strategic customer driven marketing plans.
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