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Equ@tions LTD.
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Equ@tions LTD (Light-years Technology Designs), is a professional, Technology design, Marketing and Business Admin/Mgt company , which strategically provides cutting edge, High Definition (HD) designs of Websites, Graphics, Mobile Apps; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Marketing, and Business Management/Administration campaigns using Artificial Intelligence, which enables all our clients to efficiently interact with their customers, in a streamlined intelligent manner, and translates into sustainable increases in the growth, revenue and profit margins of their businesses.

Equ@tions LTD. is a sub-set Tech lab of Equations INC. - San Francisco, California. Equ@tions LTD. is the Technology, Marketing & Business Admin/Mgt. services Lab of Equ@tions INC., which offers services to the public, while Equ@tions INC. is a Technology Research & Development Lab.

Equ@tions LTD. is a member company of Equ@tions INC. - San Francisco, California, USA. Equ@tions INC. is owned by Skull Group INC. - Cayman Islands. Equ@tions INC. the parent company of Equ@tions LTD., is registered and headquartered at San Francisco, California, United States of America.

With our high-end, customized High Definition (HD) designs, perfectly tailored to efficiently match the exact needs and wants of our clients, all our clients are eventually able to strategically create more value for their customers, which further translates into a firm competitive edge against their competitors, thus, effectively increasing their overall provided customer experience, customer retention rate, revenues from sales and sustainable growth of their businesses, regardless of their industry category.

We strictly focus on intelligent cutting edge, futuristic/modern, high definition (HD) designs, during the initiation, execution ad completion of any design project, where strategic speed is always incorporated, so as to always meet all client deadline dates efficiently. With our veteran managers who have over 10 years' experience in the Technology industry, our approach during the initiation, execution and control process of all contacted projects, is strategically and intelligently crafted to produce maximum customer satisfaction and delight, which translates into higher customer retention rates for all or clients.

Strategically utilizing the marketing concept, Equ@tions LTD. provides entities with strategic planning and marketing techniques, aimed at creating absolute ROI's, regardless of the volatile nature of their market segment.

We achieve this objective for our clients, by assisting them in creating superior value for their customers, and facilitating the building of very strong profitable customer relationships also, where advanced Technology and Finance (risk and profitability analysis), are also heavily incorporated in provided marketing services.

We also strategically and intelligently assist companies in creating customer driven value propositions for their different products, product lines, and product categories, all solely aimed at increasing their market share and customer equity.

Finally, we also assist our clients in increasing their rate of capturing customer lifetime value, by creating very satisfied loyal customers from our marketing services, which increases their share of customer and market.

Equ@tions LTD., provides business administration and management services to small - medium sized companies, who require to outsource their business management and administration objectives, to a professional management team with intelligent and strategic global business experience.

We provide the ability for small - medium sized businesses, to have the availability of a professional management team, similar to professional teams of fortune 500 companies, for their business management and administration, ONLY when they need it, thus, reducing their fixed and variable costs in the short and long run, with increased profits as the final outcome, as a result of a better and professionally managed company.

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Equ@tions LTD.

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About us

Equ@tions LTD.
Mission, Vision & Principles

We're passionate about delivering the most efficient and effective maximum customer satisfaction possible.

• To assist entities in increasing their profit margins in perpetuity via our provided services.

• To be the most successful corporate services (Artificial Intelligence, Web Contents, Mobile App & Graphic Design, SEO, Business, and Marketing) company in the world, by:

† Becoming recognized as the consultant & agency of choice in pertinent to business and marketing requirements, to all customers in our markets.

† Growing our capital wealth and profit margins exponentially in perpetuity.

To be the most successful corporate services (Artificial Intelligence, Web Contents, Mobile App & Graphic Design, SEO, Business, and Marketing) company in the world, we will:

• Always utilize the complete principles of the Marketing concept in a very strict manner, whenever we plan, engage and implement any of our activities.

• Always be certain that all our value propositions (Artificial Intelligence, Web Contents, Mobile App & Graphic Design, SEO, Business, and Marketing), which we offer as services to our clients, would always be consumer driven and never simply profit driven, as our focus would always be on customers and the consumers of our customers products/services.

• Always utilize the effective values and benefits of two-way communications by promoting it consistently.

• Consistently focus on adding value, reducing cost and increasing profits while planning, engaging, implementing and controlling all activities we undertake.

• We would always engage our internal and external networks, in line with our mission, vision and principles.

• Protect and develop our customer's brand intelligently and strategically as our own brand.

Always be certain that all our rendered activities would always be carried out scientifically, to utilize intelligence in increasing our probability of success, and decreasing our risk probability threshold.

• Succeed through intelligent and mutual beneficial teamwork, which exponentially increases productivity beyond 100 basis points periodically but constantly.

• Always have procrastination perfectly absent in all or activities, by always completing projects, objectives, tasks and goals with speed, confidence and agility.

• Permanently have our already created open environment active, where challenge is welcomed and contributions are acknowledged and rewarded properly.

• Encourage autonomous thinking patterns and individual development.

• Deliver on all our pledged and declared promises, in perpetuity.

• Build mutually beneficial and positive oriented relationships in a consistent manner.

• Drive our performance consistently at, or above its peak.

• Always believe that every tangible and intangible substance can and should be constantly improved to arrive at perfection, since perfection is not a stop-point, but a continuous stream of several points in infinity/perpetuity.

About us
Our Team

Equ@tions LTD.
Our Professional Team


Collaborating continuously and more persistently as a single team (unit) with a shared vision.

Equ@tions LTD. consists of a very small unit of internal staff members, and a large and growing supply chain network, who are strategically chosen, in a consumer-driven manner, to meet and perfectly fit the needs and wants of all our cherished consumers, thus, increasing our overall customer-equity in a healthy and consistent manner.

Since the final output of our activities depends heavily on our team of internal staffs and supply chain, we are collaborating continuously and more persistently on a daily basis, as a single team (unit) with a shared vision, to successfully arrive at positive ROI's during the completion of all implemented activities by Equ@tions LTD.

With this drive, we consistently share the best practice; pooling new ideas and processes; collaborating on serving our global clients in a customer-driven manner; and maximizing efficiency of consumer-driven completion of activities, including logistics where applicable, to consistently create customer delight.

Our suppliers located in different continents pool their resources, share ideas and contacts if required, and our internal customer relationship management teams assisted with intelligent technology, and focuses on building profitable relationships with our suppliers and customers in an intelligent strategic manner, spread across our targeted borders and market segments.

With a unity of purpose, we shall continue to grow exponentially, and expand our supply chain strategically and intelligently, without diluting the values and benefits we offer our customers in the long run.

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